Above, Below, and Beyond Tech Talk

by Rahel Lüthy

November 5, 2012

Scala Gems #6: Giter8

When building Scala projects, your best bets are to either use the official sbt, the simple build tool which is actually not so simple, or Gradle, my personal preference.

Both of them are very much based on conventions, i.e. they require only minimal configuration if you stick to the rules of a default project structure. But what is the default project structure? And how can you set one up with minimal effort?

Enter giter8: A command line tool to generate files and directories from templates published on github.

For sbt:

The official sbt templates maintained by Typesafe can be found here (note that they publish g8 templates for their complete stack, even for examples & tutorials).

For Gradle:

There’s no official Gradle counterpart, but https://github.com/coacoas/scala-gradle.g8 works like a charm.

As usual, just fork & improve if you need the templates to behave differently.